Missoula Community Theatre's 'SpongeBob' stays true to good-natured character

Cory Walsh

Missoula Community Theatre is headed into deep but light musical waters, where SpongeBob and company band together to save their town.

Director Heather Adams, who had not seen the cartoon before signing on to direct, called the stage adaption, “The SpongeBob Musical,” sweet, silly, clever and universal.

Nickelodeon’s cartoon landed in a rare sweet spot. Its humor and general good-naturedness became popular with children through to college students.

Regarding the costumes, MCT stuck with the community theater’s approach in the past. The show needs its own look and feel. Adams said they wanted to avoid giant square sponge suits, as it might make it feel as though the stage were filled with theme-park mascots. The story is “real,” so the costumes work with the actors rather than against them. There are fun theater moments, she said, like a sequence with a tap-dancing sea anemone, courtesy of MCT’s costume shop. 

The plot basically follows life in SpongeBob’s town of Bikini Bottom as a nearby volcano called Mount Humongous threatens to erupt.

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