Missoula committee plant, mushroom vote delayed

Bret Anne Serbin

Legal questions surrounding psychoactive mushrooms led a city committee to delay its vote on a mushroom-related resolution Wednesday. 

A discussion about entheogenic plant use exceeded the Missoula Public Safety, Health and Operations Committee’s allotted time during a virtual meeting.

Ward 3 Council Member Daniel Carlino said the city received more public comments in support of the proposed resolution than any other city council item so far this calendar year.

Carlino spearheaded the resolution to avoid arresting individuals “for growing, gathering and gifting entheogens.”

The resolution also sets out “to continue making entheogens not a funding priority for law enforcement or other agencies in Missoula, to restrict budget expenditures for investigation, persecution (and) arrest for solely entheogenic issues, to furnish a copy of this resolution to the County Attorney (and) to instruct city’s lobbyists to support at state level.”

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“I just believe that drug policy should never have been viewed as a criminal issue,” Carlino said Wednesday. “It’s a health issue, and I think we need to address it in a humane way rather than kicking people while they’re down.”

Carlino and other advocates of the motion highlighted purported

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