Missoula City County Health Officer has Vaccination Update

Missoula County is very close to reaching the 60 percent goal of changing the mask mandate to a recommendation, according to Health Officer Ellen Leahy.

“Monday is when we get the updates from the state, so these numbers are just in.” said Leahy. “Missoula County’s vaccine productivity is first in the state and we are at 58.7 percent of those who are eligible who have received at least their first dose and just over 50% are fully immunized and that’s very good, but that doesn’t get us near enough to herd immunity.”

Leahy reminded those in Missoula County who have received their first vaccine to be sure to get their second vaccination at the appointed time.

“One isn’t enough,” she said. “You really do need that second vaccine in order to stimulate all the aspects of the immune system that you need to get the immunity from COVID. You really don’t want to skip that second one even though some people say they do feel some minor side effects, but they do go away.”

Leahy had advice for those who have received their first vaccine but who may be late in getting their second.

“They can go ahead and get the second one, and we

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