Missoula City-County Health Department implementing shorter quarantines, more vaccine appointments available

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Ellie Nuño, a local musician, receives her COVID-19 vaccination in February from retired doctor Kathleen Rogers.

BEN ALLAN SMITH, Missoulian Jordan Hansen

The Missoula City-County Health Department announced on Monday that it’s implementing a shorter quarantine for close contacts to COVID-19 cases.

A seven-day quarantine is now required for close contacts, or individuals who have spent 15 or more minutes within six feet of a person who was infected with COVID-19 while that person was contagious. 

Close contacts who remain symptom-free since exposure after day five will be released from quarantine after seven days. Those who are considered close contacts who refuse to be tested for COVID-19 will be released from quarantine after 10 days.

If a close contact shows any symptoms, they will not be eligible for release from quarantine earlier than 14 days. Individuals who are vaccinated fully against COVID-19 who are 14 days or further from their second does will not be required to quarantine if they do not develop symptoms.

Close contacts, staff and residents associated with

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