Missoula City Council OKs zoning amendment in Sawmill District

Jordan Hansen

Missoula City Council approved an amendment this week that will allow for a wider range of uses, such as office buildings, for the street level in the Old Sawmill District.

The amendment affects the Mill Site Special Zoning District, which includes Moose Creek Trail between Wyoming and Silver Parkway and along Silver Parkway between Moose Creek Trail and Big Timber Lane.

“The uses currently allowed in this area include restaurants/cafés, restaurants with cabaret license, taverns/nightclubs, retail trades, and sidewalk cafés. The applicant proposes this change to allow flexibility in this area to permit uses that are market-driven and economically viable while still facilitating the intended patterns of growth in the district,” a city referral document said.

The amendment was supported by city staff and the Missoula Consolidated Planning Board. It was approved unanimously, 11-0, with one absence by the city council on Monday. The amendment fits within the city’s growth policy and other relevant master plans in the area, city officials said.

The applicant and owner listed on city documents is Ed Wetherbee of the Millsite Revitalization Project LLC. There was some public comment against the project.

The property in the amendment is 46.57 acres. The amendment will allow for

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