Missoula Art Park: A metallic herd on view 24/7

Cory Walsh

The Missoula Art Park opens in the spring and closes in the fall, running on a seasonal cycle much like the farmers markets.

People similarly ask every year about when the sculptures are going in, said Brandon Reintjes, the Missoula Art Museum’s senior curator.

The art park opened in 2017 as a joint project between the MAM, the city of Missoula and Adventure Cycling. The inquiries have something to do with its highly visible location: it spans from the MAM’s entrance on Pattee Street to the corner of Pine, with more space on the cycling nonprofit’s side of the street.

“When you put art in a public sphere like this, it immediately becomes the property of the community,” Reintjes said. “They take care of it. They look out for it. This is a community exhibition, and downtown Missoula can count on that every year.”

Reintjes was seated on one of the benches on the MAM’s side. Minutes after he’d explained how the public feels some ownership, a vehicle rolled by and through an open window, someone shouted that they loved it, and it was awesome.

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