Missoula Art Museum auction: See art in person, bid online

Cory Walsh

View the art in person, then bid online before and during a virtual event.

That’s the model for the 2022 Benefit Art Auction at the Missoula Art Museum.

The exhibition boasts 82 pieces, with marquee Montana artists throughout — Beth Lo, Monte Dolack, Hadley Ferguson, Stephanie Frostad and more, alongside emerging artists and new names. As in years past, it’s one of the most diverse shows they put together, said associate curator John Calsbeek.

The mediums and genres span from landscape to portraits and abstraction in painting, drawing, textile, ceramics and things you might not have heard of before — see Christine Joy’s sculpture of a stone wrapped snugly in woven grasses.

Last year, the auction was virtual and they didn’t display the work for logistical reasons, which they’ve remedied this year.

“We really felt like we wanted to do a physical exhibition this year, partly because it’s a chance to honor artists and work with artists in our community,” said Brandon Reintjes, the MAM’s senior curator. While the art is viewable online, the scale and detail often doesn’t translate.

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