Missing Blackfeet teen Gabriel Myo-Grant found in Billings


Sixteen-year-old Gabriel Myo-Grant, who had been missing for more than two weeks, has been found, according to his family.

Myo-Grant, who is Blackfeet, walked away from his group home in Billings on June 5 and was among several Native Americans reported missing in southeast Montana in recent weeks.

Officials and advocates say the cases are unique and don’t appear to be related.

His aunt, Rhonda Grant-Connelly of Browning, said Myo-Grant wasn’t happy at his group home. She said he sought shelter under a pine tree outside a Walmart in Billings, where another homeless person had been sleeping.

According to Grant-Connelly, a formerly homeless man saw Myo-Grant dumpster diving in the parking lot for food and asked him if he was OK. The man later told his friend that he’d seen a young boy living unsheltered.

The friend showed him Myo-Grant’s missing person poster. When the man confirmed that it was Myo-Grant he’d seen, his friend called Grant-Connelly, whose number was listed on the poster. The man then asked Myo-Grant to meet him at McDonald’s.

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