Minnesota officials praise US decision to reopen to vaccinated Canadians, Mexicans

The announcement comes after northern Minnesota businesses for months struggled without the regular traffic from Canadian visitors. Vaccinated Canadians have been able to travel to the United States for months by air and vaccinated Americans regained their ability to travel to cross the border into Canada for nonessential travel in August.

But federal health officials had not yet cleared vaccinated Canadian and Mexican nationals to cross the land border until this week. The travel limits went into effect in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic took hold across the continent.

Here’s a look at what Minnesota’s U.S. senators had to say about the news early Wednesday, Oct. 13.

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar pointed to her work on the Senate panel that met with the Canadian Parliament to reopen travel between the two countries and said the change in policy was “good news.”

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“Businesses have suffered and friends and family have been separated for too long,” Klobuchar said in a news release. “As the mayor of Duluth would say — we can see the lighthouse on the horizon. This is

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