Minnesota launches proof-of-vaccination app

The app is called Docket, and is designed to enable quick proof of vaccination.

With many private businesses expected to begin requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry and use of services, an authentic, portable and accessible record of shots received is believed likely to become an in-demand resource.

“This is a tool to help Minnesotans more easily to access their immunization records through their smartphones or other mobile devices,” said state Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm at an afternoon press call on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

“Docket enables residents who have an immunization record on the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) to securely view and share their immunization records through this app.”

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Malcolm said the health department contracted with the app in order to “help meet the rising public demand we’ve been seeing for more accessible immunization records.”

Previously, in order to gain a copy of your immunization records from MIIC, users needed to fill out a request form at the MDH website or request them from a provider.

“In recent months, those requests have definitely swamped

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