Minnesota GOP governor candidate Scott Jensen addresses anti-mask supporters at event

Jensen, a family practice physician and former Minnesota state senator, addressed an audience at the Northern Pacific Center in Brainerd, Minnesota, at an event organized by Brainerd Parents Union. The Brainerd School Board put an indoor mask mandate in place for all students, staff and visitors to district facilities, beginning in late August, eliciting backlash from some parents.

“You have seen an intrusion into your rights at a level you can’t imagine possible,” Jensen told the crowd Saturday, praising those in attendance for standing up for their children and their freedoms.

“The assessment you made was that you would rather live with risky freedom than safe bondage,” he told the crowd. “This is the way humans are wired. We know there’s no guarantee. We get to — just because the average age is 80 years of age, we don’t get 80 years guaranteed of life. Our life might be stomped out by a car accident at 27, or we might live to be 107 and wish that we hadn’t lived the last seven years. I’ve been on both sides of that equation with my patients. But a risky freedom stands far taller than safe bondage.”

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