Million Dollar Mile

As fast as it started it ended, and could start all over again.  A short few weeks ago, Israel was under attack from rocket barrages fired by terrorists in Gaza, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), two terror groups whose goal is to destroy Israel.  In addition to terror, they use hateful lies and rhetoric, and prey on the ignorance of millions around the world who believe their lies. But make no bones about it, they are not just speaking rhetorically. If they could do it, they would, any way possible.  

Israel defended itself, using one of the most sophisticated armies in the world, innovative technology and hardware, incredible intelligence, and precision-targeted strikes to eliminate terrorist threats while trying to limit if not prevent, any civilian loss of life, both among Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arab Gazans. Where in the world would people get a two-hour warning before the building in which they live or work and which is a cover for terrorist operations is about to be destroyed?  As many lives as were lost (most of whom were the terrorists being targeted), this practice of the Israeli army saves many more.  Even the terrorists who are being

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