Military needs warfighting not wokeism as its major commitment

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Would you be more confident in your surgeon if they had won a Diversity and Inclusion award in medical school? How about an aircraft carrier captain who was cited for their commitment to fighting climate change? 

Our military personnel have a sacred trust — officers and enlisted alike freely take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” This oath implies obedience to the civilian chain of command who, ideally, understand that our military’s job is to defeat our enemies and who do all in their power to provide the personnel, resources, and training to prevail on the battlefield, if that becomes necessary.  


But what happens when the civilian leadership has other ideas — when preparing to win wars isn’t the paramount concern, but merely one of many competing concerns? 

FILE — Carlos Del Toro is Secretary of the Navy (Stimson Center)

Carlos Del Toro, the Secretary of the Navy, issued his “Climate Action 2030” plan on May 24. In the plan’s forward, Secretary Del Toro writes that climate crisis is “existential” for

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