Mike Leach Says Nick Saban’s Greatest Skill Is Pushing High-Profile Players

Mississippi State coach Mike Leach has very high praise for Nick Saban.

Alabama and the Bulldogs will play this Saturday in an SEC game that will generate a lot of buzz, and Leach has nothing but respect for the seven-time national champion. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Leach said the following when discussing Saban’s best skills:

I have known him for quite a while. I have always thought he evaluates really well. He’s in a position where he can get pretty much anybody, but I think he evaluates which ones to take very well. The other thing is he’s not afraid to tell somebody no or push somebody hard. Occasionally, someone will get a five-star Parade All-American and then he’s afraid to coach him. Coach Saban is not afraid to coach that guy and push that guy. I have always thought the strongest things he did was evaluate and push guys.

I’m sure a lot of fans figured Leach would say that Saban’s greatest skill was game-planning, drawing up Xs and Os or something like that.

However, as a college football fan, I’m actually not surprised he picked this avenue to praise Saban as a

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