Migrants’ attack on NYPD a glimpse of America’s future under Biden, other soft-on-crime Dems

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By now we’ve all seen the video of the migrant attack on two NYPD officers in Times Square.  Coupled with the footage of the accused flipping off their adopted nation and their subsequent flight from New York, the incident feels like a watershed moment. 

It’s New York’s bad luck to now stand as proxy for all American cities that have adopted the progressive approach on crime and immigration – so leaders here are predictably in cleanup mode.

First among them is Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Now that at least six of the accused are firmly in the wind, Bragg is claiming that his office released the arrestees in order to “investigate further.” Bragg then shifted the onus to his constituents: “In a court of law, our profound obligation is to make sure we have the right people charged with the right crimes. I don’t think New Yorkers want to charge the wrong person.” 

CCTV footage of attack on NYPD officers and suspected attacker after his release from jail. (NYPD/New York Post)

This excuse is every bit as nonsensical as it sounds. The legal standard for bail in New York is not “the need to investigate

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