Michael Sussmann acquitted by a jury of Hillary Clinton's peers

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In Washington, D.C. there is no such thing as a jury of peers. There is only a jury of Hillary Clinton supporters. On Tuesday, the twelve people who acquitted Hillary’s consigliere, Michael Sussmann, proved it.

The evidence of the defendant’s guilt was obvious and overwhelming. Special counsel John Durham’s prosecutors presented incontrovertible evidence that Clinton’s campaign lawyer knowingly peddled phony Trump-Russia collusion information to the FBI and lied about whom he was representing.

After exploiting his friendship to wrangle a privileged meeting with James Baker, who was then-general counsel at the Bureau, Sussmann insisted he was representing “no client or company” as he forked over the bogus material. He foolishly memorialized his deception in a text message. Yet, his records show that he billed Hillary’s campaign for the nefarious meeting.

The false statement was clearly “material” or important, as the law requires. FBI agents testified that had they known that Sussmann was acting on behalf of Hillary, they would have recognized the fabricated evidence for what it was – a political smear engineered by Trump’s opponent. The investigation would have been shelved in short order. Baker also told the jury that if he had been

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