Merry Tifton

Some years ago, D. James Kennedy preached a Christmas sermon at his Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, that became his most requested message.


It was titled “Merry Tifton” and it was a metaphor based on a popular television show in the’50s called “The Millionaire.” On that show, a wealthy man named John Beresford Tifton gave $1 million dollars to people he chose seemingly at random. The storyline highlighted the results the gift made in the lives of the recipients – some good and some bad.

The money was delivered by another fictional character named Michael Anthony. In his will, Mr. Tifton instructed that his and Anthony’s descendants should continue the practice.

Kennedy turned the story into a Christmas message about people who had received the gift in another land and came to America to see if they could find people who had received the gift here.

This is where the metaphor begins. The two travelers were astounded to hear people shout “Merry Tifton” in the streets of New York. They said to each other, “Ah, we are in luck. We have found a Tifton. But isn’t it strange that he calls himself Macy? Well, these Americans are

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