Mental health center rejects offer from city on affordable apartment building

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Missoula mayor John Engen.

BEN ALLAN SMITH, Missoulian David Erickson

Western Montana Mental Health Center has rejected a full-priced offer from the city of Missoula for an affordable apartment building that houses people living with mental illness and those living off disability payments.

“The City of Missoula made a full-price offer to Western Montana Mental Health Center last week and responded to a counter-offer from Western on Friday,” Mayor John Engen said. “We were very surprised to hear from our Realtor that our offer had been rejected, because we believe the City is in the best position to keep residents housed.”

Levi Anderson, the CEO of the center, said it’s not accurate to say that the offer was completely rejected. He said the Center’s board of directors looked at all offers and prioritized them in order. The city’s offer wasn’t first on the list, so is now considered a backup offer.

“Our first priority is to keep the residents housed and maintain the current use of the building,” Anderson said.


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