Media admit Biden’s speech targeted midterms not just guns

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President Joe Biden called for “unity” and demanded Republicans support his position on guns. It was a blatantly political speech and even many journalists admitted it.

CNN’s Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger got to the heart of the speech with her analysis: “I think what the president was doing was getting political here. And he called Republicans who would vote against this ‘unconscionable.’” The Daily Mail agreed the speech had an aggressive tone and said Biden, “tore into Republicans who stood in the way of tightening restrictions.” 


The White House set the scene to exploit the murders for votes. Biden was flanked on both sides by rows of burning candles representing the 56 states and territories. The drama was about resuscitating the Democrat base in time for November.

New York Times staffers said the issue was about the midterms. D.C.-based Correspondent Emily Cochrane explained, “In an acknowledgement that Congress may not touch his wish list of legislation, Biden made a political point, saying that he believes Americans will make it a central issue when it is time to vote.” Biden kept repeating the list, almost begging

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