MDOT Celebrates Completion of 5th and 6th Street Project

The Montana Department of Transportation is celebrating the completion of the revitalized South 5th and 6th Streets between Russell Street and Higgins Avenue in Missoula by reestablishing roadway markings and providing a smooth driving surface for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

Missoula District Engineer John Schmidt detailed the recently completed changes to the busy roadways.

“5th and 6th were both re designated to one way streets in the fall of 2019,” said Schmidt. “In following the re-designation, there was some conflicting striping that remained, and in the project we did this year, it really gave us the opportunity to erase all those conflicting lines, take a bunch of input that we got from the community and the residents that live there and make a few tweaks and adjustments and put something back out there that really looks nice and hopefully provides the service that the community needs.”

Schmidt explains the purpose of the recently completed work on 5th and 6th streets.

“Our project went from Russell Street to Higgins,” he said. “The changes provide more room for the bike traffic and a little more buffer for the cars and the on-street parking and just kind of slows everything down and makes

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