MCPS Superintendent Discusses Remote Learning and What to Expect in the Future

Missoula County Public Schools trustees officially declared an emergency Tuesday due to community and school health concerns related to COVID-19. Trustees granted superintendent Rob Watson the authority to determine off-site teaching methods for the district and the authority to determine student proficiency for grades K-12.

“It is really a formality that might help in the long run with regards to making up days if we have to, or if we don’t have to, but also to make sure that we can maintain our funding when we are not in school,” Watson said. “It is a formal process that is stipulated in state law. The board takes action to declare an emergency and to recognize the fact that we are closed right now.”

As the weeks progress, Watson says they are going to start changing some of their remote learning plans. They will make them more specific for specific teachers, classes, and grade levels.

“The governor has the power to waive some of the requirements around instructional time and instructional days,” Watson said. “He has allowed us to present a plan to our school board. If it is approved by our board, it would go to the governor’s office. He would

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