MCPS School Board Moves to Phase 2 Reopening Plan

The Missoula County Public Schools Board of Trustees decided at their Tuesday night meeting to upgrade participation for students in the next semester.

Superintendent Rob Watson provided details of the board’s decision.

“The board met last evening to consider a couple of recommendations that came from our COVID Task Force,” said Watson. “The recommendations were for our K district and our 9-12 districts to move to Phase Two of our reopening plan, and Phase Two really called for increasing the capacity in the buildings and also adding more days per week of in-person instruction for each student.”

Watson reiterated the current situation for Missoula’s public schools.

“We’ve been in the hybrid model, which is two days a week and three days of remote instruction and splitting the alphabet and having half the kids in the building at a time,” he said. “This would increase the number of days at least to four days and likely eventually five days, and it would increase the amount of time kids are in school.”

Watson was asked how the hybrid model of schooling was affecting student success.

“It was good to have kids back in school even though it was only a couple days

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