McFeely: Coal dying, but not for the reasons you've been told

It’s much harder for North Dakota conservatives to acknowledge that their savior/president, Donald J. Trump, is failing miserably at his promise of saving coal and the jobs that go with it. Coal is dying and there’s nothing Trump can do about it, as painful as that reality is to places like McLean County, where the Coal Creek Station plant and adjacent Falkirk Mine are located.

The reasons for that are not what you’ve been led to believe by Republican politicians, conservative think-tanks and those given platforms to parrot the views of Republican politicians and conservative think-tanks.

Coal is on life-support mainly because of the abundance of cheap natural gas and lowered electricity demand. And while carbon-reducing regulations put in place during the administration of President Barack Obama have played a role in coal’s demise, that role is only fractional.

The source for this ground-breaking information is the well-known liberal institution known as the Trump administration.

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In 2017, the Department of Energy, under the direction of subversive lefty secretary Rick Perry, produced a report meant to bolster the coal and nuclear energy industries. Instead the report was a

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