MCDANIEL: Democrats Are Devouring Their Own. Here’s One Way Republicans Can Benefit

Skyrocketing prices for food, a gas crisis right out of the 1970s, a violent crime wave, an open border: Democrats have either caused or amplified every crisis we’re facing today, and here at the RNC, we’re holding Democrats accountable. As we make our case against the left, Democrats are more focused on fighting within their own ranks.

Just ask Joe Manchin, who has become public enemy number one among progressives.

On Monday, Bill Clinton’s former Secretary of Labor and prominent Democrat commentator, Robert Reich, openly called to kick Sen. Manchin out of the Democrat Party.

When asked in December, Sen. Mitch McConnell noted that, should he switch parties, the West Virginia senator might “be more comfortable” joining our conservative movement. (RELATED: SHEFFIELD: Mighty Joe Manchin Once Again Holds The Line Against Dems’ Destructive Agenda)

It’s not just about Manchin. It’s the fact that today’s Democrat Party has no place for people who don’t adhere to its most extreme policies. That’s why people are leaving it in droves. Over the past year, more than 1 million voters have switched their registration from Democrat to Republican ahead of the November midterms.

Hispanic Americans are abandoning the Democrat Party at a historic pace and polling now shows that

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