McAuliffe Tells Black Anchor That Bringing Up Critical Race Theory Is ‘Racist’

Terry McAuliffe campaigns in Arlington, Va., July 23, 2021. (Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters)

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for governor in Virginia, lectured Anita Blanton, an African-American anchor for WAVY News 10, during an interview that aired on Wednesday night, telling Blanton that discussion of critical race theory in public schools is “racist, it’s a dogwhistle.”

Blanton originally asked McAuliffe how he defined critical race theory. He responded by stating that “I answer this question very clearly. It’s not taught in Virginia, it’s never been taught in Virginia. And as I’ve said this a lot: It’s a dogwhistle. It’s racial, it’s division, and it’s used by Glenn Youngkin and other — this is the same thing with Trump and the border wall — to divide people.”

When Blanton pressed him on his definition of the term, though — and one would need a definition in order to prove it’s not taught in the state — McAuliffe again refused to provide one, repeating that it’s not relevant since it’s not taught.

Blanton continued to pry for a definition at which point McAuliffe explained to her “it’s racist, it’s a dogwhistle.”

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