McAuliffe Starts to Panic

If you haven’t noticed, Democrat Terry McAuliffe is in serious trouble in his bid to be elected again as governor of Virginia. 

And I mean, serious trouble. Like, Detroit Lions Super Bowl chances kind of trouble. We’re talking Urban Meyer explaining things to his wife when he gets home from Ohio kind of trouble. Do you get the picture yet?

And, here’s the best part, McAuliffe is blaming the leader of his party, who he had campaign and fundraise for him a couple of months ago. Yup, McAuliffe is actually throwing Joe Biden under the bus to explain why his campaign is imploding in the final weeks leading up to the November 2 election day. 

“We got to get Democrats out to vote,” McAuliffe said during a video conference call earlier this week. “We are facing a lot of headwinds from Washington, as you know. The president is unpopular today, unfortunately here in Virginia, so we have got to plow through.”

Terry McAuliffe: Joe Biden “is unpopular today unfortunately here in Virginia.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) October 5, 2021

A couple of noteworthy observations of McAuliffe’s {ahem} candor in these remarks. 

First and foremost, this directly refutes the approved talking points from the Biden

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