Matthew Kiewiet: For me, Standard's upcoming series on sobriety is personal

Matthew Kiewiet

September is national recovery month, and with that The Montana Standard is proud to introduce a month-long series dedicated to recovery and garnering support for those in our community who have chosen a life of sobriety or wish to start the process.

Stories will run each Friday beginning Sept. 9, and the series will conclude Sept. 30.

I am not even four years removed from when I made the best decision of my life.

When I chose to eliminate alcohol from my life, I hadn’t lost everything. My life never reached a stereotypical “rock bottom.”

But it could have if one or two brief moments in time turned out differently, and I realize how lucky I am.

My life had reached a crossroads, though. It didn’t happen overnight; it happened little by little over time. A few beers on Friday or Saturday became that plus a beer every night after work. A beer after work turned into a couple, and then three and then more. Then it was – at least – three or four double IPAs a night, many more during weekends and maybe a cocktail or three thrown into the mix if we had some leftover vodka in the freezer.

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