Matthew Avard, CWG Architecture + Interiors

Nolan Lister

Matthew Avard, a 38-year-old architect with CWG Architecture + Interiors, designs some of the community’s most critical infrastructure.

When East Helena needed to expand its school district more than four years ago, it turned to Avard to design Prickly Pear Elementary.

“It’s very rewarding and not like other jobs where you do work and nobody ever sees it again. These projects last decades,” he said. “It’s rewarding to see that stuff and know you were involved in that.”

He called school projects “the most rewarding,” knowing they will be used to better future generations, something the father of two is especially keen on.

Southern Lewis and Clark County is Avard’s adoptive home.

In his home state of North Dakota, Avard was frequently working 70-hour weeks for his Fargo firm.

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“I was wanting to get to a calmer lifestyle than what was in Fargo,” he said.

He and his wife took a trip to Helena and dropped off some resumes. By 2015, he had received a job offer from CWG and moved the family west.

“I always wanted to be closer to the mountains,” he said.

It was not long after

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