Matador Michael Jordan and the running of the Bulls


“The Last Dance” is a 10-part documentary miniseries chronicling Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and the 1990s Chicago Bulls.

Brent Northup

BRENT NORTHUP Film Review The Last Dance (10 episodes)

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Why watch a 10-part Netflix series on Michael Jordan and the NBA dynasty Chicago Bulls?

Answer: To reaffirm that exceptional talent, actualized with laser-focused concentration, makes individual athletes great, but that unselfishness makes teams great.

That wisdom is transferable to all aspects of life.

These truths emerge from the thought-provoking ESPN documentary “The Last Dance,” which starts out as if it will be a fawning tribute to MJ, but ends up delivering life lessons for us all.

After MJ hit his iconic jump shot to win his final championship, I gave out five series-ending awards:

Most Valuable Player (MVP): Michael Jordan


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