Massive I-90 crash: 6 dead, includes 3 children; 3 critically wounded

Billings Gazette

Six people were killed, including three children in last Friday’s massive pile-up on Interstate 90 near Hardin. Eleven people were wounded and three have critical injuries, according to the latest information from the Montana Highway Patrol.

It was around 4:50 p.m. when as high winds swept the prairie near Hardin last week collecting massive amounts of dust blanketing the interstate with a cloud so thick it led to blackout conditions for several minutes. As cars travelling east along I-90 entered the clouds more than 20 cars, trucks and semis piled up in the deadly crash.

Oil stains mark the location where six people were killed in a 21 car pileup on I-90 near Hardin on Friday.

LARRY MAYER, Billings Gazette

First responders converged on the interstate near mile marker 494, about three miles outside Hardin at around 5 p.m. As the crews began assessing the damage more resources were sent to aid in transporting the wounded to Big Horn County Memorial Hospital by ground ambulance. Due to the same severe weather that caused the dust cloud, air ambulances

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