Masks Will Save Lives! (Fact Check: Mostly False)

Almost every MSM “expert” is loudly and proudly claiming that if you wear a mask in public, you’ll save lives. In fact, by wearing a mask, you are probably endangering your own life.

Before you tar and feather me, note that I am a physician. I do not play one on TV like Anthony Fauci or Deborah Birx. I spent thirty-six years wearing a surgical mask on a daily basis. And it always felt so good to take it off when I left the operating room. I didn’t realize why until recently.

We wore masks in the OR because they were supposed cut down on wound infections from pathogens in our mouths. This turns out to be false. But when my partners were presented with the evidence that we should stop wearing masks, they demurred. Masks were still useful virtue signaling. And they all still ripped their masks off the moment they could.

Then Lincoln Park, New Jersey, police reported on a driver who passed out and crashed while wearing a mask. Low oxygen and high carbon dioxide levels were blamed. As an anesthesiologist, this was right down my alley. So I did some grade school arithmetic informed by detailed knowledge

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