Masks Are More Than Just Another Assault on Personal Liberty

When President Biden spoke to the country in mid-May, after the CDC had lifted its mask recommendation, he acknowledged that some Americans may “feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask,” and that we should “treat them with kindness and respect. We’ve had too much conflict, too much bitterness, too much anger, too much politicization” around masking, he said.

From the way Biden spoke, you would almost think that America, for the last year, had been plagued by rabid hordes of anti-maskers, chasing down people wearing masks and screaming in their faces to take them off, rather than it being entirely the other way around.

The “anti-mask” stance was always a moderate one. If anti-maskers had wished to stake out a position symmetrical to that of their opponents, they would have advocated for masks to be banned, and for their wearers to face stiff fines and penalties. Instead, they merely argued for personal choice, and for that they were portrayed as extremists.

The conflict, bitterness, and anger were fomented entirely by the pro-mask side. Now, after a year of telling other people how to live, they are suddenly terrified that others will start doing the same to

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