Mary Kate Teske is an analog artist for a digital age

Jake Iverson

Quick, name a thing. Mary Kate Teske is probably good at it. 

Photography? She takes photos that look like they were destined to be on postcards. Singing? Her voice is high and nimble, perfect for country music. Writing? She’s got it — poems, songs, screenplays, whatever you need. She’s an illustrator, too. And a hell of a dresser, with an impeccable throwback style that sometimes makes her look like a spirit of the old west, still lingering on into the 21st century. 

Teske — her friends call her MK — isn’t 30 yet, but she already feels like one of Montana’s greatest jack-of-all-trades. 

But what she’s best at is storytelling. She’s got a story for everything. Sometimes those stories interrupt each other. She’s overflowing.

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Take Ol’ Frank. That’s her 1961 Dodge Lancer. It’s a beautiful machine, a big, baby blue land boat with a big block engine and lots of sharp, organic curves. It’s from a bygone era, back when cars were as much pieces of art as they were vessels for transportation.

The story with Ol’ Frank is that Teske was gifted the vehicle by her grandfather, in exchange

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