Mark Brnovich: To defeat critical race theory, hold tight to Constitution, Declaration of Independence

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The United States of America is the land of opportunity, committed to the rule of law, dedicated to the proposition that all of us are created equal with certain unalienable rights. Millions have fled to the beacon of hope on our shores over the past two centuries. 

Yet there are those who have made it their mission to tear down every institution and principle that has made the United States so unique in world history. These movements have always existed but appear to be more pronounced today with the promotion of critical race theory.

Critical race theory is nothing more than the neo-Marxist idea of how race has influenced the inception and history of our nation, building upon a Marxist utopia of destroying and creating a new society based on class. 

The radical concept, using race in place of class to achieve the long-term Marxist goal, is already threatening to consume many of our institutions – from the U.S. military, to our churches and our professional sports leagues, and even our legislatures. 


A new report from the National Archives singles out the National Archives Rotunda as

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