Marco Rubio And Tom Cotton Might Be The Beneficiaries Of Post-Election Chaos

Republicans who took more moderate stances on the 2020 presidential election may be in the best possible positions moving forward, especially in the wake of a violent riot that rocked Capitol Hill.

In the immediate aftermath of the November 3 election, a number of races nationwide were still too close to call — including the race for the presidency. Reports of “irregularities” quickly fueled President Donald Trump’s claims that the election had been “stolen.” Those claims then prompted a long line of lawsuits, most of which were declared dead on arrival.

Trump and his allies lost 63 cases in the post election.

— Marc E. Elias (@marceelias) January 11, 2021

Republicans in Congress began to take sides — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz offered to defend Trump if the Supreme Court agreed to hear his case, and Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley offered vocal support as well. House Reps. Louie Gohmert (TX) and Steve Scalise (LA) were also among those who said that they would challenge the Electoral College vote on January 6. (RELATED: Gohmert Says Over 140 Members Of Congress Will Object To Biden’s Electors On January 6)

Trump asked Republican Sen. Ted Cruz to argue Texas election lawsuit

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