March for Life proves abortion can’t be defeated by hiding from it. We all must show resolve

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The March for Life – America’s largest annual pro-life demonstration – will take place this year in a changed nation, a new era in which the people are empowered to protect unborn children and mothers again. Our victory in Dobbs is the fruit of decades of faith, scrappiness, determination, ambition, strategic planning and God’s grace. 

A convert to the pro-life cause, I have now been in this movement most of my life. Early on, when Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America and a powerful political movement for life were not much more than an idea, I marched like we all marched – because if abortion is the serial destruction of children and the tragic underestimation of women, then you must.  

As the years went by, and we gained momentum in all the areas where we needed it, we marched again because of the moral imperative and because we had an expectation that when leaders heard our voice, they would act. They did. We fought for our voices to be heard, and to not be blocked by the Supreme Court – and we won, finally turning the wheels of democracy to right the great injustice. 


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