MANDEL: Biden’s Disgraceful Treatment Of Our Afghanistan Heroes

Regardless of the politics of a war, the American people recognize the sacrifice and heroism of the troops who offer life and limb when country calls. We support the troops even when we don’t support the war, but President Joe Biden wants to bring troops home without any celebration or recognition, just silence. And it is a disgrace.

We have seen this once before, when our warriors returned home from Vietnam. A nation roiled by strife and political differences ignored the sacrifice of those who served, many of whom were involuntarily drafted. Some expressed hostility, spitting on our veterans as part of their political opposition to the war. It remains a stain on this country, and a scar on the veterans who fought in Vietnam.

President Donald Trump’s decision to bring the troops home effective May 1 was the right decision. It is disappointing that Biden has delayed the withdrawal, risking many more American lives for the symbolism of a complete withdrawal on the 20-year anniversary of 9/11. America’s longest war needs to end now.

But most concerning is the Biden administration’s stance on the nation’s gratitude, or lack thereof, for the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who fought in Afghanistan

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