Man Tried to Shoot Man in the Head Over Missing Bear Skins

On Friday, Ravalli County dispatch received a report that two neighbors had been involved in an altercation in Florence, Montana. A male reported that 59-year-old Grant Deakin had “shot up” the truck he was driving.

Missoula County Sheriff’s Deputies responded and located a white F150 pickup truck with multiple bullet holes, a shattered rear window, and both of the driver’s side tires were flat.

The male reported that he has helped Deakin in the past but they had a falling out when Deakin accused him of stealing a gun. Deakin flagged the male down and the male stopped.

Deakin said that he had the male on video at his house stealing bear skins. The male denied having any involvement with missing bear skins and told Deakin he had not even been on Deakin’s property, but Deakin did not believe him.

The male told Deakin he was leaving and did not want to talk anymore. At that point, Deakin pulled a handgun from the seat next to him and began firing it at the truck the male was driving. The male put the truck into gear and accelerated away. As he drove off, he noticed the tires were going flat and the engine was smoking.


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