Man is Arrested After a Dangerous Road Rage Incident in Missoula

On Saturday, 911 received multiple calls from concerned citizens who witnessed a road rage incident at the intersection of Flynn Lane and West Broadway. Callers identified a male driving a brown pickup truck and a male on a motorcycle as the parties involved in the incident. They reported the motorcyclist was the victim of an assault committed but the driver of the pickup.

Missoula Police Department officers rushed to the intersection and observed the disturbance was no longer in progress. Several vehicles, including the involved pickup and motorcycle, were parked off the roadway and waiting for officers to arrive. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains.

“The suspect, 56-year-old Stewart Schall, felt like the victim did not take advantage of a gap to make a left hand turn,” Arnold said. “After sitting there for a few minutes, Schall eventually decided to try and make a right hand turn. According to witnesses and statements made during the preliminary police investigation, Schall intentionally drove his truck around the victim on the motorcycle and drove over the victim’s foot, causing pain to the victim.”

As the tire on the truck slowly rolled over his foot, the victim looked down and saw a large pipe wrench in

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