Man Hits A Crocodile With A Frying Pan In Crazy Viral Video

A man smoked a crocodile in an absurd video making the rounds online.

In a video tweeted by Amy Sinclair, a crocodile was getting a bit aggressive with a man in Australia, and he responded by hitting it in the face with a frying pan. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Watch the hilarious video unfold below.

King Kai from Goat Island pub on Adelaide River.
Reason #1876 to love the Territory 🐊

— Amy Sinclair (@amy_sinclair9) June 20, 2022

Finally, someone has the guts to fight back against the animals attempting to overthrow the humans who control the planet we all call home.

I’ve been at this game for years, and I’ve honestly lost count of how many animal videos I’ve seen that are borderline or simply downright terrifying.

Incredible Video Shows Police Capturing An Alligator At A School In Florida

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) May 19, 2022

Whether it’s sharks, crocodiles or something else, we all know nature isn’t meant to be messed with. It doesn’t take much to end up dead or hurt.

Well, this guy didn’t take any chances and when the croc got too close,

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