Man Gets Caught Driving Under the Influence With Meth and Cocaine

On Saturday, a Missoula Police Officer observed a white vehicle on Reserve Street and recognized the vehicle as having been previously reported for a suspected impaired driver. The officer observed the vehicle fail to maintain its lane of travel, and saw it swerve from the center dividing lane into the right shoulder fog lane several times. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains.

“The Missoula Police Department received a 911 call of a suspected impaired driver,” Arnold said. “Officers were able to locate the vehicle and observed the vehicle traveling over 30 miles per hour under the speed limit. The officer initiated a traffic stop. With the officer’s lights and sirens going, this vehicle failed to pull over for over eight blocks. The officer could observe the male, 26-year-old Tanner Broshia, was failing to keep his head up. The officer was concerned Tanner may have been experiencing a medical emergency and requested medical to respond to the incident location as well.”

When the vehicle did come to a stop, Broshia showed indicators consistent with drug use and he was placed under arrest.

“Officers on scene could see into Tanner’s vehicle and observed indicators of drug and drug paraphernalia within the vehicle,” Arnold said.

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