Man Allegedly Strangles and Assaults Woman Outside Target

At around noon on Sunday, Missoula Police officers were called to a report of an assault that occurred outside the Target store in the 2400 block of Reserve Street. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“When the officers arrived, they found a 29-year-old female who reported that she had been with a male identified as 46-year-old Clifton Phillips,” Welsh said. “The caller initially reported seeing the male on top of the female with his hands around her throat. He also reported witnessing the male striking the female before leaving on foot. Another officer located Phillips in the area and placed him under arrest.”

According to court documents, the complaining witness also said he saw Phillips repeatedly kick and knee the victim in the torso. Officers contacted another witness who indicated he was in the Target parking lot when he heard yelling. He turned toward the yelling and observed Phillips on top of the victim.

He said the victim attempted to roll away from Phillips, but Phillips placed his knee into the back of her neck and continued to punch her. Phillips then placed both his hands around the victim’s neck and began to strangle her. The witness yelled at Phillips

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