Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel won't open for winter; sewage treatment not yet operational


Yellowstone National Park’s Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel will remain closed this winter season, the Park Service announced on Wednesday, only weeks after its winter reopening was being planned.

The hotel closed immediately after a historic June flood caused damage to the area’s wastewater system and washed away roads on the Park’s north side. 

A temporary system was supposed to be online by Dec. 1, just a couple of weeks before the park opens for the winter season, so the hotel could reopen. But delays in getting parts have pushed installation back to February, according to park spokeswoman Linda Veress. 

Mike Keller, general manager of Yellowstone National Park Lodges, said he got word of the issue late last week and over the past 72 hours had been working feverishly to relocate staff and help notify customers who had made reservations. Normally, the hotel needs a staff of 140. About 100 will be relocated while another 30 will be kept on to operate the Mammoth Hotel gift shop, coffee and beverage service, lobby and ski shop. Regularly scheduled tours and snowcoach service between Mammoth Hot Springs, Old Faithful and other park locations will also be available.

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