Malmstrom increases level of COVID-19 precautions


Malmstrom Air Force Base has raised its Health Protection Condition to Bravo, officials said Wednesday, adding it was due to an increased risk of community spread among the base population. 

As of Tuesday, mask wearing is required in all facilities on the Great Falls base, regardless of vaccination status, officials said. The decision was made at the recommendation of Malmstrom’s Public Health Emergency Team.

“With a significant increase in positive cases due to the Omicron variant, combined with increased social contact due to school starting back after the holiday break, we recognized the need to take steps to safeguard the availability and overall health of our personnel and their families,” Col. Anita A. Feugate Opperman, 341st Missile Wing commander, said in a news release.

Col. Anita A. Feugate Opperman, 341st Missile Wing commander at Malmstrom Air Force Base.

“COVID-19 is a dynamic problem, so we continue to analyze the situation locally and in the base population so that we can make informed, risk-based decisions. We will continue to update you on any changes that the circumstances may warrant,” she said.

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