‘Making Mochi’: UM sculpture student explores Korean heritage

SIERRA CISTONE for the Missoulian

A spectacular collection of works by artist Shannon Webb coalesces cultures and spirituality in a masterful display of her trade.

Webb is a student and candidate for University of Montana’s Master of Fine Arts program and has been studying ceramics and sculpture. Her final master’s project is now on display in the Gallery of Visual Arts (see box.)

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Shannon Webb’s exhibition, “Making Mochi!,” will be in the University of Montana’s Gallery of Visual Arts in the Social Sciences Building through March 30.

Her thesis exhibition is called, “Making Mochi!” and is a reference to the rice cakes she grew up eating. Webb explains that although her mother is Korean, she was raised calling the rice cakes by the Japanese word “mochi.” This blend and mixing of cultures is representative of what the show is all about, Webb said.

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All four of the pieces on display incorporate parts of Webb’s Korean heritage and combine that with her experiences and time spent in Montana.

“It really just goes back to the central theme of my show, which is spirituality and connecting to the world through

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