Major league sports go woke, but Ron DeSantis pushed back in a major way

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Like academia, entertainment, and most of corporate America, the head offices of the four major sports leagues in our nation seem to have gone “woke” in a very big way.

In a nation and a world which is becoming more politicized and polarized by the day, tens of millions of sports fans were hoping major league sports would stay out of the “identity politics” business and continue to deliver them a product which helped their minds to decompress from the daily exponentially escalating anger-filled rhetoric now seeping into every single thing they see, read, and hear.

Not so much. The liberal to far-left executives who now make up much of the head offices of major league sports were not about to give the fans of their respective leagues a break from the woke tsunami. All the opposite. They have become desperate to get virtual hugs from the various far-left factions by virtue-signaling their “wokeness” every chance they get.

As but a few examples, first, cast your mind back to when Major League Baseball decided to punish the city and citizens of Atlanta in the summer of 2021 by pulling the All Star game out of

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