Lurid story of Dillon killing, coverup is outlined in court documents

A lurid story of homicide and obstruction of justice is related in court documents related to the death of Larry Coon of Dillon.

Sandy Moore, 19, has been charged with deliberate homicide in the death of Coon, 49, a Navy veteran and longtime Dillon resident.

Christina Vanduinen, 23, and Kerry (Sam) Johnson, 56, have been charged with felony obstruction of justice.

When Dillon Police Department officers got a tip last Saturday that Coon may have been killed, they went to the home where Coon and Moore were living and found Coon’s body, which had been moved and concealed in the laundry room behind a sheet, according to court documents filed in the case.

Also in the court documents, officers related an allegation from another suspect in the case that Moore had admitted strangling Coon and bragged about getting away with a previous killing.

After initially refusing the officers admittance, and telling them that she and Coon had argued and he was “out for a walk” to calm himself, Moore gave officers permission to look inside the house, according to one of the court documents, an affidavit filed by investigating

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