Loudoun County Teacher: District Has Created ‘Very Hostile Environment’ over Equity Initiatives

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has returned to the public eye after physical-education teacher Tanner Cross was suspended, then subsequently reinstated by court order, for taking issue with the district’s proposed transgender policy.

Cross, citing religious objections and a concern for the safety and well-being of his students, disputed the rule requiring faculty to address kids with pronouns consistent with their gender identity, rather than biological sex, “without any substantiating evidence.” After some parents complained, pressuring the elementary school, Cross was released until further notice.

Dozens of parents and teachers came to Cross’s defense during a school board meeting Tuesday, slamming the district’s treatment of the beloved teacher, its imposition of inclusivity mandates, and its suppression of those instructors who dare dissent or question the status quo.

Twelfth grade social-studies teacher Monica Gill, in an exclusive interview with National Review, said that the district has created “a very hostile environment” with its equity initiatives.

“We are continually told we are in a conversation but there is no real conversation,” Gill noted.

During the hearing, Gill stood at the podium and blasted the school board for silencing the opposition, referencing a policy it voted on last fall to

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