‘Loud rock and roll, fast:’ Shane de Leon is getting older, but he'll never slow down

Jake Iverson

Miss Massive Snowflake are kicking off a Montana tour with stops in Billings, Bozeman and Missoula. 

Photo courtesy Nicholas Rogers

Once upon a time, Shane de Leon wanted nothing more than to leave Billings, Montana.

He grew up here, attending Burlington Elementary, Will James Middle School and West High. He is of Billings. It created him. And he wanted out so bad. Once the graduation caps landed, he almost instantly moved to San Diego.

He wasn’t alone in that desire to leave the place you were young in the second you start feeling old.

“The 10 people in the ’80s that I was really good friends with, they all moved,” de Leon remembered. “They were all creatives.”

They went off and had disparate careers, scattered across the country and the economic spectrum. And then a funny thing happened. The artist types who fled Billings wound up moving back.

De Leon has been around. There was that stint in San Diego, and he lived in Portland for years. But he wound up finding his way back home in 2017.

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