“Lost in Translation,” redux? Regrettably, no.


Bill Murray, right, and Rashida Jones in a scene from “On the Rocks.”

Brent Northup

BRENT NORTHUP Film Review On the rocks

The Myrna Loy

For those of us who loved “Lost in Translation” the arrival of “On the Rocks” was a “must see.”

Director Sophia Coppola teams up again with Bill Murray. “Lost in Translation” was a masterpiece, exploring nuances of infidelity with sublime subtlety.

Once again in “On the Rocks,” two lost souls seek connection.

But this time it’s a father whose philandering ways ended his marriage, reuniting with his adult daughter, a novelist spiraling into a mid-life crisis at 39. She has the perfect husband, and the perfect kids – but there’s a void inside.

And so, she calls her dad for advice, which he too willingly

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